The EPS Forum will take place in person at the Henry Ford Building of Freie University Berlin (FUB), Germany, between the 25th and the 27th of March 2024.

The stakeholder societies and FUB have experience and significant resources to make The EPS Forum a successful and exciting event.. We believe the on-site meeting format will allow participants to present their most recent work and discuss commonalities with physicists working in the industrial sector. Early career attendees will also enjoy the benefits of face to face meetings with CEOs and directors of large companies, SMEs and start-ups.

The EPS Forum
is a three-day international meeting of interest to all European researchers, PhD students and Postdocs who wish to be introduced to  the exciting research opportunities available in large companies and start-ups. It will facilitate a dialogue between academic researchers and representatives of the industry sector. It will also host a general conference in physics on various topics, addressed from a more fundamental point of view introduced by high-profile scientists. Round tables will be dedicated to societal issues.

Day 1
– “Physics Mets Industry” (March 25th) – will be dedicated to the employment of early career physicists in Europe around these different topics with direct exchanges with CEO, directors and engineers of major industrial companies in these fields. Involving EPS Young Minds Members and EPS Associate members, Day 1 will bring together early careers researchers, interns, PhD students, and Postdocs with physics-based companies in order to discuss exciting research challenges and career opportunities in industry.

Day 2
– “Fundamental Physics” (March 26th) – will look at  the scientific and societal challenges facing the physics community. The latest achievements in physics will be highlighted by the most outstanding physicists in Europe and beyond, including a strong participation from the EPS Member Societies and Divisions and Groups.

Day 3
(March 27th) will be devoted to the regular business of the EPS Council, open to EPS Council Delegates only.

Conference language:

English will be the official language of the meeting.

Audio, Video, Digital Recording Policy:
Conferences, courses, and poster sessions: For copyright reasons, recordings of any kind are prohibited without prior written consent of the presenter or instructor. Individuals not complying with this policy will be asked to leave a given session and/or asked to surrender their recording media.

Registration to the EPS Forum 2024 signifies agreement to be photographed or video-taped by the EPS Forum management staff or its supplier in the course of normal business. It implies consent that management may use pictures or videos taken during the EPS Forum events, which may include the participant’s likeness, without remuneration. Such photos or videos may be used in the future EPS Forum marketing materials or conference website. Persons not wishing to be photographed or video-taped from the management staff or its supplier need to send to their request including their picture.

Conference management:

Conference management is provided by the European Physical Society, 6 rue des Frères Lumière, 68200 Mulhouse, France (Email:

About the EPS

The European Physical Society (EPS – ) advocates research in physics and its contribution to the economic, technological, social and cultural development in Europe. Representing 42 national physical societies and 130’000 researchers, the EPS promotes excellence in physics research and cooperation with physics-based industries, education and student mobility, publication and outreach. The EPS awards highly prestigious prizes to outstanding researchers.

The Young Minds Programme

The EPS Young Minds Programme ( ) gives young researchers the opportunity to lead teams, organise events for networking, public outreach and career development. Since its creation in 2011, the EPS Young Minds Programme has expanded to 78 sections in 28 countries. It is open to all enthusiastic young researchers in Europe and gathers the next generation of leaders in science.